Images on Film

These have been scanned in either as a print or from the negative .

One night I was lucky enough to see a full Lunar Halo. Not only did I see the 22 ° halo but I also saw the 'Moon Dogs' and the paraselenic arc which went right round the horizon. The all sky picture dosnt do it justice!
This halo complex occured at about midday on 21 Dec 1997.

The 46 deg halo can just be seen in the picture on the right

While not unpolluted Shetland skies do offer some glorious sights.

A Sun pillar - which stayed visible as the Sun set.   Comet Hyakutake which proceeded Hale-Bopp by a year.
Rain clouds marching in from the sea.    


The Solar Eclipse of Wednesday 11th August 1999 was seen from Shetland. But it was a race against the clouds.

The night of the 17/18th August 2004.

The sky was clear and a warm front was on the way in.

These are 50mm f1.8 images on to Fuji Superia 400.

On the left a combination of 3 x10 seconds from a fixed camera

On the right a minute exposure from a Scotch Mount


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