Chris Browns Kayaking Pages (not doing as much recently!)
Inuit Kayak Models a collection of information and images  
Paddle Making - My method of producing a Greenland style paddle
Testing the Waters Testing the Shetland waters in February. It was about 6 Celcius.
My Pyranha Master A Pyrhana Master which I use to 'ramble' about the shoreline
Dawn Treader

The main kayak is a P+H Dawn Treader. Big and built for expedition so it is little used.

Another, in the background, is an Anas Acuta which is a chined boat with a low foredeck. Great for trying Greenland style paddles out on.


The P+H Dawn Treader- its registration label says it is number 001.
The picture on the left is from a Percy Blanford style double with a GRP hull and plywood deck. Unfortunately the owners have let this fall into ruin.
A double built by my father and his friend out of old ammunition boxes for frames and canvas covered.
The paddles were oars spliced together.
Myself,many years ago, launching in a canvas covered PBK style kayak
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